The World Leaders in Policy Automation



The World Leaders in Policy Automation

Certified Implementation Specialists

Our internal training programme ensures that employees undergo intense training to become Oracle certified OIA/OPA Implementation Specialists.

Exemplary track record

A diverse portfolio of successful OIA/OPA implementations around the globe and across multiple industries including financial services, government, telecommunication, retail, and education.

End-to-end Expertise

Offering a complete spectrum of services aimed at all delivery aspects of rules engine projects including Methodology, Rules architecture, Business rules elicitation, and benefits realization.

Clients across Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania

Monad Solutions is a world leader in Oracle Intelligent Advisor (OIA), formerly known as Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) and its application within CX, CRM, HR, and ERP. As an Oracle Partner, we are experts in integrating OIA with a wide variety of technologies. Our mission is to help businesses around the world with OIA Benefits Realization and achieving Enterprise Capability.

Services across the entire lifecycle of technology enablement.

OIA/OPA is a highly unique and robust technology enabling a breadth of opportunity to quickly automate complex decision-making in just about any scenario (for example: application assessment, back-end case qualification, self-help criteria checks, scenario modelling or simulation)

With such a wide range of possibilities and at such an accelerated pace, organisations can find this as a challenging or daunting process.

Monad provides a number of different services that support the entire lifecycle of OIA/OPA enablement across an organisation.

  • Roadmap Planning

  • Discovery Phase

  • Architectural Review

  • Consulting

  • Business Rule Authoring

  • Delivery Mentoring

  • Upgrade & Migration

  • Training

  • Support & Maintenance

  • Centre of Excellence Establishment


Neuron™ is a machine learning extension to Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Now you can have the best of both worlds – the traceability of explicit rules and the adaptability of implicit knowledge.


payLOAD™ is a data cleansing and calculation service that delivers to employers accurate and verifiable calculations of pay and benefits, based on legally-certified business rules, prepared specifically for New Zealand’s nationwide payroll remediation requirement.


Regulatory Compliance is a challenge for every sector, but for none more crucially than the Banking sector. Between 2009 and 2013, the global banking industry racked up more than US$247B in fines, settlement fees and provisions. And this is only the direct financial cost. It doesn’t include the damage to reputation and share price that these penalties come with.

FinRules™ enables banks to efficiently comply with regulatory obligations without compromising the client experience or hindering the core business of the bank.

OIA/OPA Connector for

Monad’s OIA/OPA Connector for enables users of to access all the features and realise all the benefits of the robust technology within their existing Salesforce application

Even more solutions…

  • Internet of Things

  • OIA/OPA Cloud Connector for Siebel

  • OIA/OPA Optics: Visualisation Controls for Interviews

  • Policy Accelerators

  • OIA/OPA Tools