The November 2016 release of OPA (version 12.2.5 ) is now available. We’ve enjoyed experimenting with some neat new UI features and wanted to share the results with you.

These include:

Dynamic Behaviour

This is the biggest change and very different from what we have seen in OPA before. This new feature can now update any controls on an interview screen live. This means fewer interview screens to work with, reduction on the rules written, live calculations and perfect for what-if scenarios

What does this mean for the User?  No need to press the Next Button anymore to see if you meet the criteria, it will determine instantly as you as you answer the questions. You can now try out different situations on a single screen with no navigation required, making the overall interview efficient and less time consuming to complete.
You can view this new feature in action below:

Development process:
Customer View Demo:

New Input Control Types

This new release has incorporated many features which has allowed OPM to be more interactive for users and customisable for the developers. Developers can use these interactive controls to improve the layout of the interview screens, making the screens appealing and user-friendly.

See for yourself!

Check out the videos below demonstrating these new features and how they could be implemented on your very own OPA projects.

  • Button groups: Developers can use images, text or both to provide end user choice buttons for any group of choices.
Development process:
Customer View:
  • Switches: Boolean attribute can now be displayed as switches instead of just radio buttons. Switches can replace the yes or no questions by providing the end user to click on the switch if they agree or disagree with a statement.
Development process:
Customer View: