Day 1

Last week we attended Oracle Modern Business Experience in London. We showed off Monad’s offerings at a stand in the Customer Experience area, and we had a presentation slot on IoT.

This was an event that had something for everyone, the keynotes ranged in variety and included subjects such as chatbots, the fastest car in the world, AI and Machine learning, the universe, cloud applications, VR, marketing tools, millennials in the workplace and of course IoT.

On the very first day, we arrived and saw the fastest car in the world, the Bloodhound SCC, as you can see on the picture below we were happy to see it. Richard Noble, the record breaker presented a keynote on this day where he spoke about his challenges with the construction of the Bloodhound and how he overcame them and became a record breaker.

The introductory Keynote was done by Oracle’s CEO Safra Catz, she interviewed Joanna Fielding, the CFO of HSBC Global Service companies, they discussed the bank’s digital transformation.

Later, on the same stage, an incredibly interesting keynote took place.  Deloitte’s Mathew Guest spoke about established businesses versus disruptors or as he put it “dinosaurs vs unicorns”, he made some fair points, all established businesses were unicorns once and change is important in order to remain relevant in the business world.

Chatbots, machine learning and adaptive intelligence were a hot topic at the event, as illustrated in several sessions, we attended one by Oracle’s Clive Swan where he spoke about these subjects.

Everyone seemed to love the metaphor used in the presentation, “The chatbot would have to speak human instead of machine. This is the difference between C3PO and R2D2”

Our Managing Director, Louise Doherty,  left our stand for a few hours in the afternoon to attend the Oracle Women’s Leadership Summit which included panel discussions from inspiring women, including Safra Catz and Kimberley Ellison-Taylor, and a fascinating presentation from Deloitte’s Emma Codd about their journey towards a more inclusive workforce over the past three years.

One of our highlights while attending Oracle Modern Business Experience was the presentation by Monad’s Peter Blenkinsopp and M. Ali Nasim from Ephlux on how the Internet of Things is reshaping many disciplines, we’re immensely grateful for Ali’s help, he is the IoT expert after all! We filmed this talk and you can see it in the video below:

Speaking of the Internet of Things, we gave out an Amazon Echo Dot as a prize, all people needed to do was pop into our stand fill out a short OPA interview and they would automatically be signed up for a chance to win the prize!

The final Keynote of the day was by Deborah Meaden, Dragon’s Den Investor and Entrepreneur.

The first day ended with a live band and networking drinks.

Day 2

The second day we were still at the stand showcasing our products and services, showing demos, and signing people up for the chance to win the Echo Dot.

One of the first keynotes we attended in the big auditorium was by Professor Brian Cox about our ever changing understanding of the universe, definitely worth our time.

One of the things we surely didn’t expect to see at the event was Virtual Reality, especially how it was applied, Interactive Scientific Ltd is a company that creates digital products and experiences that enable people to dive into the invisible science that shapes our existence, Dr David Glowacki and Dr Becky Sage demonstrated exactly what their company can do by demonstrating in VR the use of what they call a “Game of 3D Tetris” where they would use the virtual world to move and edit a real molecule. You can see this in the picture below.

Another thing we didn’t expect to find in an Oracle Event, was a racetrack with toy cars that learn their way around it and a drone that would automatically move to take a picture when they had an accident! This was demonstrated in a talk titled: IoT + Service = Why should I care? Presented by Oracle’s Matt Bateson and Nigel Clark.

Day two was slightly shorter but it was a great experience, we are very happy to have attended this event and hopefully we can do it again next year!

We said goodbye to the event the same way we said hello, by posing for a picture with the Bloodhound SCC.

For more information, keynotes, pictures and videos of this edition of Oracle Modern Business Experience you can visit the event’s official website here.