Solirius is developing a messaging hub for a large government department with the help of Monad Solutions



Solirius are an independent software and technology consultancy company who are delivering a complex messaging hub to a large UK government department with the help of Monad Solutions.

The starting development team consisted only of the two developers from Monad. They implemented the initial design specified by the Solirius Software Architect. This initial implementation provided the hub with which the government department and CRCs were able to send SOAP XML messages to each other with custom configuration provided.


There were various technical challenges faced during development of the product. The main technical challenges arose from the implementation of the customer’s security specification and deploying onto their servers such that the hub would work within their environment’s limitations as well as with external CRC clients.

Another was maintaining two versions of the codebase (both versions were being used by various CRCs) across multiple environments which we had limited access to, all of which were being tested by CRCs and the government department.

This meant frequent technical support was needed to handle customer queries so they could communicate as well as implementing new fixes and requirements because of the new environments alongside normal development.


This problem was addressed by building a messaging hub in service mix on an apache stack that became complex but was very scalable and supported a broad range of functionality including guaranteed delivery and push messages.


The project was delivered on time and to budget whilst coping with some considerable changes and requirements during the development time. The system went live on the appointed date, and subsequent update deployments were also delivered on the target dates set by the Government Department.

“Monad Solutions provide high quality resources, are very flexible and took the time to understand our needs.”

Hemel PopatManaging Director, Solirius

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