The Prince’s Trust is heading towards a complete digital transformation with the help of Monad Solutions

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The Prince’s Trust, founded in 1976 by HRH The Prince of Wales, helps young people across the UK transform their lives by gaining the skills they need to enter employment, education or training, after many of them have suffered difficulties such as problems at school, long-term unemployment or trouble with the law.

The Prince’s Trust started working with OPA as part of a complete digital transformation of the charity’s ways of engaging with young people and supporting them throughout all stages of their journey with The Trust. Digitising core forms using OPA allows young people seeking support to submit inquiries quickly and easily online, helping The Trust to reach more young people and support them in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Monad Solutions worked closely with The Prince’s Trust during the second phase of this digital transformation programme to identify areas where OPA can be leveraged to improve the young person’s journey through Trust support. This includes using OPA forms and business rules to support improvements to internal operations by developing a system that efficiently and effectively supports Trust staff in assessing, supporting, and monitoring young people during their engagement with The Trust.


During the early stages of OPA implementation, The Trust needed to clearly define how the new digital forms would integrate with the website and its own internal CRM system. There were two different vendors for each area and the different means of delivery did not align closely enough to allow for a seamless implementation of the different technologies along the same timescales and without needing reworking on one or the other.


We worked closely with The Prince’s Trust and their other vendor teams to jointly define a methodology and way of working that would support the effective design, development and implementation of OPA forms on the website, as well as embedding within The Trust’s CRM system.


As part of this joint design initiative, we helped The Prince’s Trust identify a large scope of business processes and associated internal and external forms that will be digitised as part of Project Insight Phase Two. Each form is designed with integration in mind so that The Trust can benefit from efficient and cost-effective development and integration cycles during the forthcoming build phase.

The digital forms now include bespoke business rules which help the Trust staff be more efficient when confirming that the young person seeking support meets the relevant eligibility criteria. These new rules also help them more precisely match young people to the available programmes that best suit their needs.

“The Prince’s Trust is seeing the benefits of working with Monad Solutions to develop our OPA requirements during Phase Two of this transformation programme. Monad Solutions quickly understood our organisation, in particular the journey our young people take with us and what we are trying to achieve for them. The team at Monad Solutions have deep technical expertise, coupled with a passion for improving our use of all solutions, not just OPA, so that we realise our benefits and more.”

Samantha Robertson
Head of Strategic Change
The Prince’s Trust

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