New Service Cloud Enhancements are now available, such as:

  • Multi-channel Service Cloud Interviews: It is now possible to deploy a single OPA interview for both Customer Portal and Agent Desktop. This is a consistent, low-maintenance way to provide advice for both self-service and call centre.
  • Customer Portal interview checkpoints: Interview progress can now be saved automatically for Contacts logged in to Customer Portal.
  • Create contact if not logged in: A single OPA interview can now be deployed for both logged-in Customer Portal contacts and unknown/new Customer Portal users.

Electronic signatures now available in generated forms

This means electronic signatures can now be embedded directly in a generated PDF form for a single party or multiple parties. This can be used to provide visually verifiable evidence of the identity of advice recipients or providers.

Electronic Signature Example

You can see this in action in the following demo.

A new Human Resources self-service example project has been added

This new project, entitled Parental Leave Calculator, has been added to the suite installed with Policy Modelling. This project demonstrates the applicability of Policy Automation for an HR help desk. The project applies leave policy and statutory rights and presents leave options for consideration. It also generates a leave request form.

You can find a demo of this project here.

Other new features include:

  • Customer Portal interview widget parameters
  • Java Engine API
  • Add Tag Button
  • Optional signature upload.
  • Increased limit in number of active deployments