Monad Solutions partner with GBG

Monad Solutions partner with GBG to deliver Digital Transformation capability by combining world-class Identity Verification and People Screening solutions with Oracle Policy Automation

Monad Solutions and GBG have established a partnership which will blend the unique capabilities of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) with GBG’s world leading technology to support the digital transformation of both staff and customer onboarding processes.


Integrating with existing or future HR, CRM and case management systems, OPA enables the gathering of data from business systems to create a personalised online interview for completion of the information required. OPA can then initiate a real-time call to the GBG platforms using the captured data. Results from the GBG platform then input back into the business rules defined in OPA to determine the actions required to complete the customer or staff evaluation process.


GBG brings together data relating to the identities of nearly 4.5 billion people. This “identity data intelligence” helps organisations make good decisions about people, when managing risk, fighting fraud, capturing and managing personal data, and considering whether or not someone is suitable for employment. The Group’s solutions have applications globally and are delivered to over 6,000 organisations in more than 70 countries. Identity data intelligence is key to many of the areas where OPA is traditionally deployed such as HR self-service and Customer onboarding – this integrated solution will deliver true value to the customers Monad Solutions serves.


Matthew Furneaux, Global Commercial Director, GBG said: “With this, the first implementation of GBG’s identity verification and background screening technologies into OPA, Monad Solutions are leading the way. GBG has a history of building strong relationships with partners across a number of our products and services and this is a great example of how we innovate with international experts in their field.”

Louise Doherty, EMEA Managing Director, Monad Solutions said: “We are very excited to be bringing together the killer combination of OPA and GBG to the market. GBG are leaders in their field and we look forward to working together to support our customers in their Digital Transformation activities.”


About GBG

GBG is a global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence. We help organisations make decisions about the customers they serve and the people they employ.

Through our fundamental belief that the digital economy relies on everyone having access to data they can trust, GBG enables companies and governments to fight fraud and cybercrime, to improve the customer experience and help to protect the more vulnerable people in our society.

Headquartered in Chester (UK) and with 24 locations in 15 countries, GBG provides solutions to many of the world’s biggest organisations, from established brands like HSBC and IBM to disruptive newcomers such as Stripe and Xpress Money.

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About Monad Solutions

Monad Solutions is a world leader in Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) and its application within CX, CRM, HR, and ERP, with a current focus on IoT. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, they are experts in integrating OPA with a wide variety of technologies and have a strong track record in project delivery.

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