A complete spectrum of services aimed at all delivery aspects of rules engine projects.

Fixed Scope Offerings


Identifies the best area(s) of policy for automation.

  • Morning: A series of sessions with stakeholders and subject-matter experts
  • Afternoon: A presentation of the suitable policy areas and recommended plan of attack


Allows a new OPA customer to quickly and easily launch an implementation of OPA Cloud software-as-a-service.

  • Day 1: Full-day introductory session for all stakeholders, to describe the OPA approach and lifecycle
  • Rest of Week 1: Scope and design workshops to identify and plan for the best areas of policy for automation
  • Week 2: Training, mentoring, collaborative business rules development, quality assurance, pilot deployment


Implementation and support services for OPA Cloud.

  • Day 1: Full-day introductory session for all stakeholders, to describe the OPA approach and lifecycle
  • Rest of Week 1: Scope and design workshops to identify and plan for the best areas of policy for automation
  • Rest of Month 1: Training, mentoring, and collaborative business rules development
  • Month 2: Testing, quality assurance and deployment of business rules to the OPA Cloud
  • Every month from then on: Maintenance and support services for existing OPA rulebase applications


Monad Solutions employs some of the most skilled and experienced Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) consultants in the world. Like the founders of Monad, many Monad consultants are former employees of Haley (formerly SoftLaw and RuleBurst), the company that created OPA before its acquisition by Oracle.

All Monad Solutions consultants are OPA Implementation Specialists certified by Oracle. We can provide consulting services at any point in the project life-cycle:


The combination of skills that Monad consultants bring to our clients means that Monad can be engaged to supplement your project teams with OPA specialists or as an end-to-end solution provider to fulfil the business, functional and technical requirements throughout all phases of your OPA implementation project.

Project Management. Monad’s Project Managers are experts in the delivery of OPA-powered software projects using standard industry-best-practice or Monad’s own agile SCRUM for OPA methodology.

Business Analysis. Monad’s Business Analysts are proficient in the creation of business and systems requirements catalogues and Agile user stories for your OPA-powered IT system, including work-flows, storyboards, wire-frames, functional requirements and specification of your reporting and document generation.

Business Rules Capture. Monad’s team of OPA Rules Developers specialise in the elicitation of business rules from regulations, guidance and any form of written or unwritten knowledge using the Oracle Policy Modeling (OPM) environment.

Integration and Customisation. Monad’s Software Developers specialise in the development of technical OPA components and their integration into your IT architecture using Java, .NET and/or Web Services technologies.

Front-end Design. Creation of user interfaces via Oracle Web Determinations / Monad Web Determinations / a dedicated website / applets.

Technical Architecture and Design. Monad’s OPA Technical Architects will take responsibility for specifying the technical integration layer, data interfaces and the rules service catalogue.

End-to-End Testing. Monad’s Test Managers and Testers will help your organisation in the development and execution of test strategies for your OPA-powered applications.

Quality Assurance. The Quality Assurance and Technical Assurance of your supplier’s OPA-related deliverables require the in-depth OPA experience that Monad’s consultants can bring to your organisation. This covers rules architecture, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), best-practice technical architecture, database integration, the Oracle Determinations Server API, the Oracle Determination Engine APIs and OPA-centric software methodology.

Legal Accuracy Assurance. Monad’s legally qualified OPA consultants will perform a complete audit of your OPA rules and verify their accuracy against the legislative/regulatory sources of law on which they are based. Using regression testing and mass case testing techniques, we can assess the impact of new law or policy on your business processes.

Agile Project Delivery. Monad Solutions have developed our own SCRUM-based methodology, SCRUM for OPA, to deliver IT projects with complex business logic requirements to Agile time-scales, harnessing OPA’s power as an Agile development tool. SCRUM for OPA takes a rules-driven approach to Agile development based on the concepts of end-to-end business scenarios, prefabricated user stories, prototyping, business rules backlogs and sprints.

Value-focused approach. Monad provides advice on the Agile methodologies to existing OPA users looking for an alternative to the conventional, waterfall-based OPA software methodology in favour of a value-focused approach, accelerating time-to-market and empowering end users.

Aggressive Time-scales. Any organisation facing the challenge of delivering highly complex business logic to aggressive timescales will also benefit from the Agile approach. OPA’s unique characteristics, including business rules driven data modeling and out-of-the-box interactive web applications, make it an ideal tool for Agile development, permitting organisations to kick-start prototyping and providing an elegant solution to application architecture and data modelling within an agile context.

Download a brochure on Monad’s On-Project Services (.pdf).

OPA Upgrade & Migration

Monad Solutions employs some of the most skilled and experienced Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) consultants in the world. As an Oracle Platinum Partner Monad Solutions enjoys early access to new versions of OPA, enabling us to develop a deep understanding of the issues involved in migration to the latest version.
We have developed a Regression Test Tool which examines two rulebases and highlights any discrepancies in a customisable report. Further details of the Regression Test Tool can be found here (.pdf). This process has been used by Monad on a project for a public sector customer in the US.

Support & Maintenance

Monad Solutions is able to provide deep expertise and knowledge to supplement your Oracle Policy Automation team with our Helpdesk Support service.

Our world-leading experts will be on-hand to help clients answer any question regarding OPA as a coherent single point of contact, are available through multiple channels and able to offer the following services:

With a dedicated staff based in several offices around the globe, the Monad Helpdesk Support Service is available in three packages; Standard, Gold and Platinum: