Regulatory Compliance is a challenge for every sector, but for none more crucially than the Banking sector. Between 2009 and 2013, the global banking industry racked up more than US$247B in fines, settlement fees and provisions. And this is only the direct financial cost. It doesn’t include the damage to reputation and share price that these penalties come with.

FinRules enables banks to efficiently comply with regulatory obligations without compromising the client experience or hindering the core business of the bank.



Business Rules

A complete set of business rules from the applicable regulations in AML, Tax and FT Reporting across jurisdictions, developed and maintained by a team of lawyers and banking compliance experts.


Dynamic Questionnaires

Guided, interactive questions to collect the relevant information without forcing clients or relationship managers to provide unnecessary information.


Portfolio Manager

Visual representation of the complex relationships between legal entities, subsidiaries, and beneficial owners, showing specific compliance of entities in the group in one simple and intuitive interface.



The FinRules Hub allows Legal Experts, Compliance Officers, Relationship Managers, Business Analysts and Technology Architects to collaborate and ensure that the system is compatible and consistent with the bank’s internal policies, processes and architecture.

Easy Configuration

Configuration of rules and tables in Microsoft Word and Excel that can be modified in real-time.

Easy Reporting

Generate XML and PDF reports required by the regulators and government tax offices in a format that complies with their published standards.

Enterprise Service

Expose compliance determinations as a Web Service across the enterprise for use by multiple systems, channels and business processes, to ensure consistency at all stages of the compliance lifecycle.

Integration with 3rd party Data

APIs to allow the inclusion of data from shared utilities like Markit,, Clarient, and Accelus.



Every determination made by FinRules is accompanied by an explanation, which proves compliance and links the client data back to the underlying regulation(s) that require the information and determination.


Make changes to the underlying business rules in real-time in reaction to political and economical developments that require urgent policy change, to ensure that risk assessment and determinations are compliant and the exact time they are made.

Up-to-Date Content

Subscribe to the FinRules monthly rule updates to ensure that the bank’s compliance framework is based on the latest regulations and risk ratings.

Committee Membership*

Join the growing consortium of banks that use FinRulesâ„¢ to discuss the general and specific issues around regulatory compliance, and ensure that your compliance program is in line with industry practice.

Speed and Reliability

FinRules is built on world-leading business rules platform Oracle Policy Automation, which utilises a linear inferencing algorithm that is lightning fast, and can accommodate hundreds of thousands of transactions a day.

No Duplification

FinRules is designed to integrate with a bank’s existing core banking and CRM systems, so there is no need to duplicate data models and manage redundant or conflicting data.




Anti-Money Laundering regulations, including USA Patriot Act, EU AML, FATF and other regulations and guidance, including the treatment of Politically-Exposed Persons (PEPs);


The new international anti-tax evasion programs FATCA, the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and OECD Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS)

FT Reporting

Financial Transaction reporting including that required by EMIR, MiFID II, MAS, ASIC and similar rules in other jurisdictions.

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