A full customisable and expandable solution built in accordance with the rules and guidelines laid in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) handbook.

  • The accelerator can be integrated with your organisations’ current HR systems or can stand alone to test job roles for certification requirements and to provide certification for employees performing identified job roles.
  • The Certification Regime Accelerator helps deal with the 3 key issues:
    1. Regulation Clarity: Understanding and complying with the requirements
    2. Ongoing Maintenance and Management: Dealing with and keeping track of constant change
    3. Ownership and Responsibility: Overcoming cross-functional challenges
  • Significantly reduces the time and cost to implement system modifications resulting from changes by the FCA.
  • The rules and guidance laid out by the FCA can be customised and extended to suit the organisations’ requirements and risk mitigation requirements.

A full fact sheet for the Certification Regime is available here (.pdf)